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Operation rules and precautions of vacuum furnace

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Operation rules and precautions of vacuum furnace
I. preparation
Turn on the chiller switch, otherwise the equipment will give an alarm due to low water pressure.
=. turn on the power switch
Before power on, check the switch status:
1. The heating mode shall be set to "manual" position, and the power regulation shall be turned to the end anticlockwise;
2. Whether the pressure "up, stop and down" toggle switch is in the stop position, and whether the pressure potentiometer is turned to the minimum t
After the above check is correct, first turn on the main power switch, and then turn on the secondary power switch.
III. sample in the furnace
When the furnace is not in use, it is generally in a vacuum state. Before use, observe the vacuum state of the furnace. If it is in a vacuum state, first enter
The gas valve slowly inflates the furnace body to atmospheric pressure, then opens the furnace cover with a thousand top, takes out two or ten covers, and puts the samples to be burned into
Furnace body. If sintering without pressure, do not forget that both inner and outer insulation covers must be covered. Otherwise, the temperature may not rise;
In order to carry out heating sintering, the small cover in the middle of the outermost insulation cover must be removed with the sub inner insulation cover before the experiment.
Note: when setting out products, be careful not to touch the heater nozzle to avoid short circuit between the heater and the furnace shell.
IV. setting heating procedure of vacuum furnace
L. temperature rise: generally, it is set by program. The maximum temperature rise rate is 100 ℃ / min. if the temperature rise is to be rapid in the early stage of the experiment, the
The heating mode is set to "manual" position. Slowly adjust the power clockwise to make the current rise slowly to raise the temperature; generally, the temperature below 200 ℃ can
The temperature shall be raised manually first, otherwise the temperature control is not allowed. The temperature of the furnace can be controlled automatically by infrared at 1000-2000 ℃.
Note: temperature rise must be carried out in vacuum state: observe that the current meter indication is prohibited to exceed the secondary rated current 700a.
2. The cooling can be set by program, or directly turn off the heating to let it cool down by itself.
Note: do not stop water during cooling, otherwise the sealing ring of furnace body will be burnt out.
V. set up pressurization procedure
1. Precompression: the precompression shall be carried out before the temperature rise, usually the pressure setting range is between 1.0-1.5mpa; the precompression can be carried out by hand
Move to achieve pressurization.
2. Pressurization: pressurize the sample after the temperature rises to the predetermined temperature. Usually, set a program to automatically pressurize the sample.
The maximum pressure that the equipment can achieve is 16MPa, equivalent to f 10t (16MPa = 1m).
A manually add II to turn the pressure potentiometer, and observe the displacement indication at the same time. The displacement change is very small, indicating that the upper and lower punches have been connected
Touch sample. At the end of pressurization, turn the "up stop down" switch to the stop position, and turn the pressurization potential equipment to the minimum,
B: automatic pressurization: first, set the required pressure on the instrument, when the required pressure and the measured pressure are basically caused, the pressure will be "increased"
Turn the "stop drop" switch to rise, observe the change of displacement and II force, and realize the function of pressure maintaining and stabilizing automatically when the switch is in place. Compression junction
Bundle r needs to turn the "raise stop lower" switch to lower. When it reaches the bottom, turn the "up, stop and down" switch to stop. Final closure
Hydraulic pump.
Note: when the pressure is not to be increased or decreased, the pressure should be set to a negative value, and the hydraulic pump should be stopped. Set the oil cylinder to the stop position when it is not in use
Set it, or it will operate by mistake.
Vi. electric furnace vacuum pumping steps:
Turn on the vacuum gauge switch
1. Low vacuum pumping: close all vacuum valves, start the mechanical pump, and open it after it operates normally (about 1-2min)
The low vacuum valve leading to the furnace body, i.e. the upper disc valve, pumps low vacuum to the furnace body in advance;
2. High vacuum pumping: open the lower disc valve, and pump the diffusion pump. When the vacuum degree is below 15 PA, start the diffusion pump
For preheating, after about 45 minutes, the diffusion pump starts its function, and then the upper disc valve can be closed, and the main barrier can be opened at the same time
When the vacuum degree of the valve is above - 1 power PA of 1.33 × 10, the heating button can be turned on to heat the sample.
A vacuum meter has two range meters, the power of low vacuum range is 1.0 × 10, the power of 5-1.0 × 10, the power of 1.0 × 10, and the power of 1.0 × 10, the power of 1.0 × 10, the power of 5,
Generally, the conversion range starts at 2PA. Pay attention to turn off the vacuum furnace switch to prevent the vacuum gauge from aging before filling the air.

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