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Precautions for vacuum oil quenching furnace

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1. Before each operation of the boiler, it is necessary to check whether the gas pressure of the boiler is normal. Generally, it is required that the static pressure is about eight kilopascals, and only six kilopascals can maintain a small fire. At this time, if the operation fire may be extinguished due to insufficient pressure. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the pressure, temperature and pipeline valve of domestic heat medium water and heating medium water are open, and strictly prevent the inlet and outlet valves of any heat exchange branch from closing, because the pressure generated by the expansion and contraction of heat will far exceed its working range, resulting in tube explosion and major accident of boiler scrapping.
2. If everything is normal, run the water pump first, observe the outlet pressure and the sound of the water pump, and then turn on the boiler control power supply after confirming that it works normally. Do not turn on the vacuum pump power supply. The boiler medium water temperature, outlet water control temperature, flame conversion temperature and control temperature difference are preset in the parameter setting items of the induction screen. For No.1 boiler, the main control object should be living water or air conditioning water. Generally, the actual target temperature should be lower than the set control outlet water temperature and higher than the flame conversion temperature. The temperature difference of flame conversion should be set at 1-2 degrees, and the temperature of medium water flame conversion should be set at 4-7 degrees. In actual operation, the boiler is generally required to shut down when the temperature of medium water is higher than the set value. When the temperature of medium water is lower than the set value minus the temperature difference, the actual value of the outlet water temperature is also lower than the set value minus the temperature difference. In other words, make full use of the two parameters of boiler medium water temperature setting value and flame conversion temperature setting value to achieve the purpose of controlling the actual outlet water temperature, boiler fire size and the appropriate ratio of start and stop time. Generally, the flame conversion temperature is about 1-3 degrees lower than the actual target temperature.
3. Pay attention to the gas pressure in parameter setting. If the gas pressure is lower than six kilopascals, there is only hope for small fire operation, so the flame conversion temperature should be as low as possible so that it can only operate small fire. After all the parameters are set, you can enter the system state and click start. At this time, the fan should start to operate. After about 2 minutes, the boiler will be ignited normally. If the fan does not turn after startup, and the relay of the control cabinet has worked, it means that the program controller fuse may be burnt out, and the fuse of the same specification can be opened and replaced, that is to say, it can return to normal. In the process of boiler ignition, people should be at a safe distance to observe whether the whole ignition process is normal and whether the gas pressure drops too fast and too much during ignition. If so, the filter of gas regulating station is blocked and needs to be repaired in time. If the gas is stopped before air supply or filter repair, the bypass exhaust valve must be opened for 5-10 seconds before the boiler is started up, and then the boiler can be started up after exhausting the impure gas to prevent the boiler from deflagration and endangering the safety of equipment and personnel.
4. When two boilers choose to operate or operate at the same time, it is necessary to open or close the corresponding electric valve. In the boiler room, next to the automatic control box, the electric valve for hot water of boiler 1, electric valve for heating of boiler 1, electric valve for hot water of boiler 2 and electric valve for heating of boiler 2 are in order. Before running the water pump and boiler, we must carefully check and confirm that there is no mistake before we can carry out the next operation. The control circuit of the electric valve has been changed, and there are corresponding indicator lights when the valve is opened and closed in place. When operating the electric valve switch, we must grasp the time. If the valve is not opened and closed in place in time, please turn off the power in time. In case of emergency, we can use the hexagonal manual switch 。 Please note: if we need to close the butterfly valve or gate valve adjacent to the electric valve, we can only close 8 electric valves, 4 can only control the adjacent valves of the electric valve. In order to avoid the serious accident of mechanical valve closing and electric valve closing in the same pipeline. If it is necessary to close the same pipeline valve at the same time, it must be approved by the superior leader, and the boiler shall be operated under normal temperature, and the pressure must be relieved from the boiler coil drain valve after closing. All operations must be in the presence of two people, after the completion of the timely opening of the valve and check carefully, the equipment can be put into operation!!! All on-off valve operations must be documented.
5. In addition to the temperature requirements, the selection of boiler fire should match the load. Generally, when the single air conditioner is used for heat preservation and the hot water is used for conventional heating, it can be ensured that a boiler fire can be used. When the air conditioner hot water is used at the same time, but the air conditioner temperature basically meets the requirements, a boiler fire can be guaranteed. When both of them must be heated at the same time, two boilers should be operated at a high fire. When the medium water temperature is close to the set value, it can be turned to low fire. Matching operation can not only save energy for use, but also avoid the failure of small-scale heating or frequent boiler start-up and shutdown or overpressure alarm caused by large-scale heating. If there are two types of boiler fault alarm in operation, such as overpressure alarm and the pressure of vacuum gauge has returned to normal, you only need to check the fault and then silence. If the pressure is still high, it is generally caused by opening only one set of heat exchange tubes. At this time, it only takes a short time for both sets of heat exchange to operate at the same time, and then the pressure can be reduced. At this time, it can be adjusted to a small fire to restart the machine. If the red light of the program controller is on, it is generally caused by combustion failure. You can manually press the red light button to reset, and then start again. If the alarm still indicates that the boiler has a hard fault, you need to timely report to the superior to contact the manufacturer for maintenance.
6. Boiler temperature setting: the heating temperature shall be adjusted between 38-45 degrees according to the weather change, and the temperature of domestic heat medium water shall be kept within 65 degrees, so as to ensure that the temperature on the heat exchange tank is within 48-54 degrees, which shall not be too low or too low

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