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What is the importance of the cooling system of vacuum furnace?

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Vacuum furnace is a kind of industrial furnace which is heated by electric heating elements in the near vacuum state. The cooling system of vacuum furnace is an important part of vacuum furnace. The cooling water circuit shall be kept smooth, otherwise, the shutdown will be caused by the rise of water temperature. This is a problem that is often ignored in the work of vacuum furnace. When there is no management, it may lead to the major damage of vacuum furnace.
After long-term use, the molybdenum heating body of vacuum furnace will appear hardening, shrinkage, falling, first lodging and overlapping, and then fusing (melting). In order to make the heating wire of vacuum furnace have necessary strength under high temperature and prevent hardening, collapse or sagging, the first thing is to design the structural dimension of the heating wire of vacuum furnace, such as spiral resistance wire, and pay attention to the bending diameter, pitch and spiral pitch diameter of the heating element. The heating body is about to loosen the insulation lining of the vacuum furnace, and 95 ceramic parts are put on the insulation lining to properly reserve its expansion space. The laying position shall be suitable, generally 100-200mm, and can be firmly hooked to prevent the resistance wire from lying on the ground. In addition, direct contact (short circuit) between furnace wires shall be avoided, and isolation piece shall be padded generally.
The purpose of treating cooling water with the aid of biodegradation chemistry is to keep minerals in suspension, reduce the accumulation of sediment in rubber tube, serpentine tube and water jacket, so as to make the water flow smooth. This is usually done by an automatic device, which can monitor the conductivity of water, automatically add chemicals, wash water and add fresh water. In combination with the auxiliary steam filtration system, this method can also ensure the pH control of water and prevent the deposition of excess minerals in the cooling water system. After the system is stable, water quality test shall be conducted at least once a month to prevent over treatment or under treatment.
The test samples of the shell and heat exchanger materials of the vacuum tempering furnace shall also be placed in the water system, and the weight loss inspection shall be conducted once a year to check the treatment effect. Special attention must be paid to the coil cooler of diffusion pump. It should be checked frequently. If it is blocked, the diffusion pump will overheat and lose its function, and further cause the heater of the diffusion pump to burn down, resulting in expensive and time-consuming repair. When the serpentine cooling water pipe is blocked, disconnect the water path from the water source, drain the water and blow it through with compressed air or wash it with dilute acetic acid solution.


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